Prebaci na Hrvatski

Ivan Ramljak


Ivan Ramljak is a film critic, director and independent curator. He is currently the program coordinator of Kratki utorak ("Short Tuesday") at Tuškanac cinema in Zagreb. So far, he has directed five short films, four of them in collaboration with Marko Škobalj. His current filmography includes: "Baba Višnjina 38" (2008, documentary), "Najpametnije naselje u državi" (2009), "Oslobođenje u 26 slika" (2009), "In Utero" (2011), "Trapula" (2013), "Islands of Forgotten Cinemas" (2016, documentary), "Once Upon a Youth" (2020) and others.

Programme by Restart , Opatija Summer Stage
2016, 35`
A poetic documentary about the lost film culture in the small villages on the Croatian islands during the second half of the last century. Six witnesses of the time are remembering their favorite films and events related to their viewing and screening experiences, which marked their lives.
19. LFF , Opatija Summer Stage
Thirteen years after the unexpected death of his once best friend, the filmmaker tries to reconstruct his late friend’s life and their friendship, using just the photographs and video material his friend shot back then.
Opatija Summer Stage
Hundreds of frozen and starved people floating on boats in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea fleeing from the war... Familiar scenes that we are used seeing in recent times. But the year is 1944, and the refugees are traveling from Europe to Africa. After Italian capitulation, and before the arrival of German army, 28 000 Dalmatian Croats left their home villages and towns to live for two yea...