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The Factory is Ours!

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During the 90's, Croatia gained independence from Yugoslavia and turned to capitalist economy. Companies that was once public ownership had to be transferred quickly into private hands. ITAS Prvomajska factory was just another example of how new owners operate: destroy the production, lay off the workers, sell the factory property and earn millions. Legal strikes of ITAS workers had no success so two hundred of them occupied the factory, escorted the new owners outside, organized a day and night watch to preserve factory assets. They went into hunger strike until the fulfillment of their conditions. After 11 years of fighting, they managed to buy the factory themselves. They use ESOP system in which every worker owns company stocks which gives him the power to manage the company business.

Vedrana Pribačić (1977) is a Croatian journalist, director and screenwriter. She holds a Master’s degree in Politics, University of Political Science in Zagreb. She is a member of HDFD ( Croatian Association of Film Professionals). She has been working as a TV reporter and editor in chief since...