Prebaci na Hrvatski


Opatija, often referred to as „the pearl of the Adriatic“, is one of the oldest and most important tourist destinations in Croatia; a town that, due to its location and agreeable climate, has been attracting visitors from Europe and world for more than 160 years. Opatija is located in the Bay of Kvarner, on the very edge of the Mediterranean, in the foot of Učka Mountain.

Opatija boasts authentic atmosphere, recognizable vistas, maintained parks and gardens, beautiful coastal promenade known as “Lungomare”, well-kept beaches and Austrian-Hungarian villas hidden amidst lush Mediterranean vegetation. Among numerous sights and attractions of the town, it is well worth to mention the famous sculpture Maiden with a Seagull, Swiss House, Croatian Museum of Tourism and many more. Beautiful hotels and villas with rich history and tradition can accommodate up to 6 000 guests, and thanks to congress capacities, indoor pools, wellness programs and various cultural events, Opatija attracts tourists all through the year.

Open Air Theatre of Opatija, a facility that will host Liburnia Film Festival this year, has an important role in the cultural offer of the town. The Theatre stages different musical, theatrical and combined art forms and social manifestations of all genres. This unique complex, located on the edge of the Angiolina park, immediately next to the sea is, for many visitors, the most beautiful Open Air Theathe in the Mediterranean. What a perfect location for enjoying warm summer nights filled with great documentaries!

For more information about Opatija, its rich history and tourist and accommodation offer, visit the Tourist Board Opatija site.

See you in Opatija!