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Petra Mrša

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Petra Mrša’s lens-based media work arises from initiating and facilitating situations that implement rule-based scenarios that takes art context as a site to broaden and challenge the experience of self. Through thought and physical experiments imposed on herself and/or collaborators, her art process opens up the space for creating new realities in which horizontality, radical hospitality, and the acceptance of the unknown shape interpersonal dynamics. Acquired embodied knowledge celebrates vulnerability and imagination while its documentation offers ground to connect to not just other humans but to other-than-human intelligences as well.

Petra’s interest in broadening the behavior through self-imposed instructions brought her into a three years-long research on the video game medium that additionally served as a site to open a conversation about the mechanisms of socialization in virtual reality.

regionale , Villa Antonio
Six gamers meet for the first time in the sandbox video game Garry's Mod where they are free to build their environment. While playing, they chatter about the medium of video games, the freedom it allows and how it satisfies their needs. The game setting is mirrored then in the physical environment. We see gamers sitting together in the laboratory of the Faculty of Civil Engineering reflecting...