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Mirta Mataija


Mirta Mataija was born in Rijeka, where she completed primary and secondary school, and graduated in mathematics and computer science at the Faculty of Philosophy. She earned her master's degree in natural sciences in the field of mathematics at the Mathematical Department of the Faculty of Arts in Zagreb.
He is engaged in filming documentary films and literature. Some of the films she worked on are “Goran lynxes: the story of the 138th HV brigade” (2018), “I wish you a nice day” (2016), “Revolution” (2015), “Dance” (2006), “A Friend of My Sister” (2006) and “Lubenice” (2002).

regionale , Villa Antonio
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2023, 48`
The film follows three women, Aleksandra Pleša, Diana Primožić and Nina Rosić, who dedicated their lives to caring for and adopting abandoned dogs. Nina is a volunteer at a shelter for neglected animals in Crikvenica and says that this is her meaning in life. She was also active in the area of Banija, where she led a large dog rescue project after the earthquake. Aleksandra works with the shelt...