Prebaci na Hrvatski

Mario Papić


Autor 20-tak dokumentarnih i eksperimentalnih filmova koji su prikazivani i nagrađivani na raznim festivalima.

The director is portraying the city Zagreb. He is trying to capture the “soul” of the city by filming the city in reflecting objects during a years time, hoping that the soul of the city will show itself in that way.
18. LFF , Opatija Summer Stage
(World Premiere)
Renko d.o.o.
2020, 15`
Father, daughter and crying.
Opatija Summer Stage
Renko za HRT
2022, 49`
„Wish For” is implemented throughout Croatia and is the most valuable projectfunded by the European Social Fund in Croatia. The project`s goal is to strenghten and improve the work potential of hard-to-employ women and toencourage social inclusion and increase the life quality of its users – the old and weak. For one year we are with Natalija, who is employed in the program, and the people she...