Prebaci na Hrvatski

Martin Torpedo


Martin is an old man without a home who found his place under the sun in the port of the former Torpedo factory. Right by the sea, in an abandoned concrete space, he settled down with some of his property. A painting, one fishing rod and his bicycle. He found the painting in a trash can, he takes out squid with the fishing rod from his - so to speak - living room, while plastic bottles hang from the handlebars of the bicycle. He never monetize the plastic bottles, because he is not a bum. These are the necessary props in the fight against boredom, which he fights in ingenious and less ingenious ways. He wanders through the long industrial street, leads monologues in front of a coffee machine and smokes red York.

Toni Jelenić was born in Rijeka in 1989, where he graduated from the Faculty of Law. He used to ride snowboard and film snowboard movies. Currently, he is working and making documentaries.
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