Prebaci na Hrvatski


We proudly present the jury of the 15th LFF

Art historian and curator with a central interest in contemporary art, film and video, experimental and conceptual art practices, research projects, exhibition history and curatorial practices. 


Vladimir Gojun

Multi-award winning editor and director and long-term selector of the short film program "Kockice" at the Zagreb Film Festival.

The artistic director of Beldocs film festival and multi-awarded winning editor of documentary films.

Cultural anthropologist by profession, director and journalist, organizer of community cinema and co-founder and organizer of the festival program "Ha érteni akarod a világot ...".

He publishes essays on literature, film and fine arts on the Third Program of Croatian Radio, the magazines Filmonaut, Hrvatski filmski ljetopis, 15 dana and Zapis, earlier in Vijenac and Zarez. She is the winner of the professional award Vladimir Vukovic for new critic in 2012 and the annual award Vladimir Vukovic for best critic in 2016.