Prebaci na Hrvatski



One of the main reasons why wars still happen even today are the narratives and stories that are transmitted from generation to generation. These stories have been passed on from one's families to one's country, especially in the Balkans where all the nations reckon that they are being denied some of the territories that their neighbours are holding. That is why we now have an ongoing war in Ukraine. The protagonist of the film Vow claims that "as long as there are graveyards and churches" in “other” territories, there will always be reasons for a war between nations. The only problem is that your own graveyards and churches are abandoned and unmaintained.

Mladen Ivanović was born in 1987 in Podgorica. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje. He enrolled in the Master's studies at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, majoring in Documentary Film. His debut "Between the River and the People"...
Festivals where it was shown:
  • 2022. - UNDERHILLFEST (Podgorica, Montenegro)