Prebaci na Hrvatski

One of Us


At a high school reunion, 15 years after graduation, former classmates tell anecdotes from those days. As the evening progresses, dish after dish, drink after drink, the conversations get increasingly open. However, one topic is awkwardly avoided. Only after alcohol starts to kick in do they find the courage to talk about the shocking letter they all received. The letter in which their classmate tells her disturbing story about
the brutal abuse she suffered as a child and teenager. The film follows a group of people at a dinner table trying to find a way to start talking about a discovery that shocked them all.

Đuro Gavran (1982, Bjelovar) gained the Master's Degree in Film and TV direction (direction: documentary) at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, as well as Design at the Graphic College, University of Zagreb. He is the author of around ten documentaries and two experimental films. His film „Ve...
Festivals where it was shown:
  • 2020. - Sarajevo Film Festival (Sarajevo, BH)
  • 2021. - ZagrebDox (Zagreb, Croatia)
Awards and recongitions
  • ZagrebDox 2020 - special mention
  • Oktavijan - the best short and medium length documentary