Prebaci na Hrvatski

Lika / untitled


The place of abandoned views, nature and landscapes, the location in Lika near Perušić is initially the place of departure and return for Jelena. The consequences of people leaving that region for economic reasons, the need for education, progress, better future meant that the course of time cannot be stopped, a constant change and leaving the past
behind. The created distance accentuated the attachment to that type of landscape, to past times, the confrontation with the inability to turn back the process and return.
While watching the film material on 16 mm filmstrip which examines appropriate way, method and approach to the landscape, we go through the abandoned, deserted, depopulated spaces and reflect on layers and sediments of memory, forgetting, karst, land cultivating, burnt fields, cultivation, farming.

Ana Hušman in her practice disassembles the structures and textures of cinematic elements through film, installation, books, sound, image and text. Hušman experiments with the possibilities of animation, documentary and fictional cinematic methods, and the possibilities of the recorded voice...